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Joanna Barclay

Joanna is living her dream job a Willaway farm, combining 3 passions in life: equine facilitated learning, mindfulness practices, and values-based leadership.  As a Certified Equine Facilitator, Organization Culture Change Expert, and Yoga/Meditation Teacher, her focus is personal and professional transformation, assisting individuals, leaders, and teams, to reach their full potential.  Through corporate team-building and leadership development programs in the beautiful, natural setting of Willaway Farm. In her innovative Conscious Leadership with Horses program, participants discover the pathway to greater self-awareness and well-being, working with horses on the ground.


The decision to become an Equine Facilitator and learn how to develop conscious leadership through co-facilitating with horses was born out of Joanna’s passion for horses which began as a teenager in Northern Ireland. During the two years she spent in the United Kingdom,  she became a certified British Horse Society Assistant Instructor (BHSAI), and taught riding for several years at the National Capital Equestrian Center.  


When a colleague in the field of organisational development introduced her to Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) Joanna knew she had found the coaching modality she wanted to use in her leadership development practice, combining 3 key learning modalities of: mindfulness, values-based leadership and experiential learning with horses. 


Joanna Barclay is CEO of the Culture Leadership Group, a corporate leadership consultant, keynote speaker, and author of the book Conscious Culture – How to Build a High Performing Workplace through Values, Ethics and Leadership.  With extensive experience in organisational change, she is passionate about facilitating conscious leadership, for personal and professional transformation, resulting in engaged, high performing, values-driven organisations. Joanna became a Certified Equine Facilitator with Kylie Peters, in Melbourne, Australia, in a methodology called Adventures in Awareness (AIA) developed by Barbara K. Rector, Tucson, USA.

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