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Wellness & Learning Programs

Horses are powerful and gifted teachers, and through our connection and interactions with them, we are granted the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and how we experience the world.


Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW) and Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) sessions may be done individually or as a group.  A variety of workshops such as Balance in Life, Partners of all Kinds, Corporate Team Building, Leadership Skills, and Yoga with Horses are available.  Please see our News and Events page for our up coming workshops. 

We will custom design workshops for you - just tell us what you need!

Team Building and Leadership Experience

We have created a non-riding Corporate Equine Experience focusing on team building and leadership skills partnering with horses and each other to enhance clarity, communication, and respect. Some activities will be with horses and others will be group experiences in a non-traditional working environment. All promise to be enlightening and engaging.


For an amazing Corporate Team building experience contact Susan Allan.



Connect and Care

Do you want to learn how to be around a horse? Do you want to conquer your own fears? Are you drawn to experience the wonders of these truly majestic beings? Does your child or spouse ride and you just want to learn how to be comfortable around horses? Whether it is on your bucket list, you had a bad experience in the past, want to go on a trail ride while on vacation, or want an opportunity to spend quality time with horses, this course of lessons is for you.


This five-session course is offered weekly during the day or evening, and also in a condensed one day or two day workshop.  This experience can be customized to meet your goals and schedule.



Equine Yoga Experience

The meaning of yoga is union. Add a horse for a meaningful and unique experience. Breathe. Stretch. Strengthen. Allow. Connect.


Unite with an equine partner through calming your mind, conscious breathing, heightening awareness and gently opening tight spaces in the body. Try this approach and enhance your connection to and communication with the horses and yourself.


Experiencing the feeling of community and calmness that yoga inspires on a farm with a non-judgmental equine partner is truly a memorable and special feeling. Classes can be booked for groups or individuals.


Willaway Farm also offers Yoga, Horses and Tea.  This is a two hour treat for mind, body, and soul. Perfect for unique celebrations for all ages!


*Note: You don't have to be flexible or have any horse experience to participate. There are a wide variety of poses from very easy to more advanced...something for everyone.

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