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"To love what you do and feel that it matters; how could anything be more fun?"

~ Katherine Graham



Pat Hutchinson, Advanced FEEL Instructor and Yoga and Horse Participant


"I am an Advanced FEEL Practitioner in the Durham Region. I had the pleasure of experiencing a workshop on Yoga with Horses at the 2017 FEEL Alumni Conference.  While being aware of yoga, it is not one of my protocols.  I was blown away by the experience!  Doing some gentle stretches in a round pen and having the horses loose on the outside of the pen was an amazing experience in and of itself. It is opposite to what we are used to, ie people on the inside, horses on the outside.  Then when we moved to the outside of the pen to do actual poses with a horse right beside us, it was powerful!  The incredible energetic connection with the horse seemed to be magnified due to the extreme connection and relaxed feelings in both species.  We were all so grounded and present.  I was awed by the whole experience. I unequivocally endorse this activity for anyone.

Both Susan and Shelley were amazing facilitators during this activity, reading the horses body language and keeping all of us safe as we experienced this modality.  It was such a pleasure to be in the 'client' role and to be able to let go in a safe, calm environment."


Written by Val Willis (92) During "Meet the Herd" at an Energy Workshop at Willaway Farm, April 2013.


"Just Give Me a Horse!

Just give me a horse to love and adore!

Who could ask for anything more?

With head so high and eyes so clear.

There's nothing I could hold more dear.

Just give me a horse."

*Val passed on in the summer of 2021 at age 100, an inspiration to many and supportive of Willaway from inception for her daughter Kenra and her "adopted daughter" Susan.  She is missed.

Diana, Connect and Care Participant


"The 'Connect & Prepare to Ride' Course was such an amazing experience I took it twice!  Bonding with horses, such magnificent creatures, is definitely a "Bucket List" thing to do and I certainly chose the perfect venue.  One is never too old to learn a new way to Love.

I received my C&P Certificate Monday last -  Yah!  I went from 99% terrified to intrepid, well almost, intrepid with a healthy respect.  Quite a track record, pun intended.

Many many thanks to Susan, Shelley and Shannon for your understanding and patience, also, to all the 4 legged "Folks" at Willaway Farm.  You are a delight.  Big hugs to Joy & Grace."

Louise Beckinsale, Yoga, Horses and Tea Participant


"Susan - Thank you for this wonder you have in Willaway Farm. Just spending the afternoon in a two hour retreat "Yoga, Horses and Tea" has been amazing. It is quoted for the mind, body and soul and has touched each one of them in me on every level. Thank you to you, Shelley and Shannon for an incredible learning experience about horses and connecting. I look forward to my next experience. In gratitude Louise Beckinsale"

Christine Miller, Apple Hill, Ontario an EFW-Can Explorations Course participant


"Thank you for sharing your beautiful farm with us, and for hosting these amazing workshops where I have gained so much understanding about horse communication (and people!).

When I first arrived at Willaway Farm...I saw an upscale, professional full service Equestrian centre, with well maintained buildings and gorgeous horses, a huge indoor riding arena and immaculate dressage ring...and I thought "it's one of 'those' places where people walk around with their noses up in the air because of the money and ego involved" ... but I was so wrong. Willaway is far from that! Yes, the facilities are exceptionally beautiful, but it's the people behind the structure that make the difference. It's a welcoming and warm place - where the needs of horses and their humans are happily married.

Thanks for everything, Susan & Team. The list is too big to mention here, but you know what I mean. Sincerely, thank you!"

Maureen, Connect and Prepare to Ride Student


"... throughout [my riding lesson], all your lovely lessons [from Connect and Prepare to Ride] came flooding back in to me - as well, I have to say, I was not in the least bit fearful - that was particularly surprising.  So, I want you to know again how wonderful your program is and how it is a powerful platform for moving folks forward - I am over the moon!!!"

Lorrie Stark and Taylor, Willaway Farm Boarder


"My horse Taylor has never been happier!  In the nearly 20 years I’ve been boarding horses in the area, I too have never been happier with the total boarding barn experience.  Back in February 2013 we were welcomed to Willaway with friendship and inclusion.  Since day 1 we have both been treated with respect and kindness by Susan, Shelley, Gillian, all staff members and other boarders.  Every aspect of horse care, training, barn management, and the sharing of horse and rider expertise is positive and encouraging.  Lots of fun, too.  My main interest is pleasure trail riding - one of many equestrian interests represented at Willaway.  Please don’t change a thing!"

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