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Meet Our Team

"Being part of the Team at Willaway Farm makes me feel like I have an extended family that has my back and the backs of all the animals and humans who are at this special place."

~ Susan Allan



Susan Allan

Susan's path started as a child at an Ottawa horse farm that was organized for the disabled. Watching how horses live in the moment and do not judge made a life-long impact. Over the years, Susan rode, showed, evented, became a technical delegate, a stadium jumper judge and ground jury member. She served on numerous horse affiliated committees and is a current member of the Ottawa Valley Hunt.  Read More

Amy Cole

Amy came to the farm to take lessons 10 years ago and never left! She soon began taking shifts at the farm in exchange for rides and quickly became part of the Willaway family. She now helps with the training and exercising of our horses.

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Val Willis

Val, having sold her beloved daughter Kenra's farm Willaway to Susan over a decade ago, became a huge supporter and adopted mother of Susan from that day on.  At 98 years young, Val has recently published her second book "Shared Treasures".  With stories written by both Val and others, Willaway was included.  People are still enjoying "My Horse, My Passion".  Val is frequently in the news as an inspiration to many.  Immensely busy and still riding on occasion, Val can be reached at valwillis3@gmail.com if you would like a copy of her book.


Shelley Gvozdanovic

Shelley has enjoyed the past several years as Barn Manager at Willaway Farm. She feels incredibly fortunate to see her horse every day while caring for our herd, including the thereaputic riding horses.

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Charlotte Pragnell

Charlotte first started her love for yoga when she began her dressage training approximately 20 years ago. She realized starting to ride a horse had its challenges for an older adult who sat at a desk all day. To improve her connection with her horse she took lunch hour yoga classes and noticed significant positive changes with her relationship with her horse.

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Gillian Phillips

Gillian Phillips began riding at the age of eight on the farm pony “Shelley”. Since then her love of the sport blossomed into a full-time coaching career. 

In 2005 she became an Equine Canada certified English Coach and is currently running a successful riding lesson program at Willaway Farm.  Read More